Sunday, October 30, 2011

What a weekend!

Hola peeps!

I am still in a hangover of the weekend we had! Metallica, and an AWESOME PERFECT TO THE CORE INDIAN GRAND PRIX!!!

Umm...also...Lady Gaga...well...she is a big star anyway!

This is the India we all...(okay, most, other than the usual poverty-porn sellers and leftist/NGO/jholawala/activist/communists) love...and want...

A year back, I wrote a piece on Indian Premier League...where I said, why we need private enterprise in sports. On one hand, glitz, glamour, lots of job opportunities, and a proud confident nation...on the other hand...shoddy, shabby, corrupt Government controlled sports Commonwealth games. Your choice!

But today, congrats India...for a brilliant successful event! You made us proud...and made the skeptics, and the naysayers all the more irrelevant!

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