Saturday, December 24, 2011

HO HO HO. Hic.

As you all, who follow me on Twitter or Facebook know already, that I am leaving India by Jan end. Photos from my trip to Bangkok, (Kualalumpur/Singapore, not confirmed!) Auckland and finally Dunedin will all be posted on my FB will be the travel join there immediately...

My post was chosen the top post in Tangy Tuesday pick by Blogadda, also.

Also, remember Esther Friede? Yea, my buddy Bhawesh wrote a terrific post on here. Absolute must!

I got a sexy German Parka from my cousin, as a parting gift before I leave to be a neighbour to the penguins...

That's it basically! Last year was horrible...may the new year bring good news and good luck to everyone!

HO HO HO. Also. Though to me they have a different meaning! Stay classic, planet Earth! :)

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